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Leading Corona treaters manufacturers.Up tp 3000mm width2mm stainless steel segment barOne/Two side treatmentCylinder control with interlockSilicon roller
For CH800S/1000S/1200S/1500S/2000S used The listing is subject to further negotiation and should not be construed as an offer. In no event should the company be bound by any information contained therein.
use of plasma technology the surface energies of plastics, metals or glass are multiplied by a significant factor. In this way the surfaces become receptive to process steps such as coating, applying print or adhesive bonding. plasma beam can be up to 50 mm in length and achieve a treatment

About Us

CHAANG HORNG ELECTRONIC CO. is a leading manufacture of CORONA
and PlASMA systems used to increase the surface adhesion on plastic and
metallized film and material. For 30 years Chaange Horng has been a driving force behind technology innovation, engineering the most versatile series of CORONA and PLASMA treating equipment. With more than 12,000 installations in the
field of film extrusion, printing and converting, we have offered solutions globaly, solved problems, and minimized downtime. We constantly provide improved adhesion and efficacy for our customers.
Founded in 1988. Chaange Horng became a leading pioneer of corona technology.
To maintain our position as a market and technology leader, we incorporate our customers feedback to improve on designs utilizing corona and plasma technology. We are constantly refining our corona and plasma treatments to stay one step ahead of our customers demanding requirements.